A Crossover Made in Heaven (or Hell) by Digital Distortion

A Crossover Made in Heaven (or Hell) by Digital Distortion!

The digital content creator merged elements from two of Archie Comics‘ queer-favorite titles and you are going to drool on Archie Andrews on this one.

A Crossover Made in Heaven (or Hell) by Digital Distortion!

Fans may be hopeless for a TV crossover from “Chilling Adventures of Sabrina” and “Riverdale” but the man behind Digital Distortion has been keeping the gay fans of these series fed.

Chilling Adventures of Archie: Chapter 1
I will gradually make available the chapters for the Platinum, Diamond, The Producers and The Boss tiers.
When the art book is complete, I will make it available to other tiers in the traditional way.https://t.co/H1uTkxfcT8 pic.twitter.com/fOMDQCeQWz

— Digital Distortion (@DigitalDistor10) August 7, 2020

From the creator of “Mutual: A Nick and Shawn’s Story” and “Thor & Loki: Lies and Thunder”, Digital Distortion is set to wrap up its illustrated series “Chilling Adventures of Archie”. The six-part spectacle debuted last year and will soon have its final chapter be released very soon.

Chilling Adventures of Archie: Last Chapter Soon
I know I shouldn’t have kept you waiting… But it’s almost all over and I can’t wait for you to see this!https://t.co/H1uTkxfcT8 pic.twitter.com/6d7OQZa5s0

— Digital Distortion (@DigitalDistor10) February 20, 2021

Check out the picture art book plus tons of magnificent illustrations on Digital Distortion.

Have you seen some of Digital Distortion‘s works yet? Which TV or movie character would you want him to take on next? Let us know in the comments section below!

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