Ask QC: My Boyfriend is Asking me to Push my Boundaries

My BF and I have been together for 5 years and we have a healthy sex life. Well, tbh, it WAS ok, but since Covid19 he has been changing. He suddenly started to become a little more aggressive, not in a bad way, in fact I was quite happy with his escalation. One night over dinner he told me about a fantasy he had, we have always been very open, of watching someone get pegged by his female coworker. I could see in his face that it was me that he wanted to see getting pegged. I was a little turned on by the idea, but it was an escalation and part of a pattern. I agreed and it was a fun experience, and yet I felt a little trepidation that things might not stop there.

Over the weekend my boyfried told me that he had read about guys setting up anonymous gloyholes so they could hook up and have a relative degree of safety for Covid19. He wants to set up a hole and wants us to take turns servicing anonymous men. I’m a little frightened that he would ask this of me, and a little bit turned on too. I’m not going to lie.

I’m worried about our safety but more so I worried the state of our relationship, and even more about these impulses he has awakened in me. Should I just embrace this ‘new’ me, or am I on a path that I shouldn’t travel?

-Reluctant, yet turned on

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