Australian Model Jett Kenny’s “Ball Slip” Is A Must-See!

Australian Model Jett Kenny's

It is easy to see why Australian model and reality TV star Jett Kenny can be a frequent subject of one’s fantasy. He is tall, he has an insane physique and a very attractive charisma. And over the weekend, he took us a step closer, or maybe half a step, to fulfilling this fantasy.

Jett Kenny

As reported by Mr. Man, the Aussie heartthrob was photographed while competing in the 2019 Nutri-Grain Ironman Series over the weekend. Of course, you’d be expecting some photos of his hot body being displayed to showcase his athleticism. But the camera also caught his… wait for it… balls hanging out of his speedos. Check this sleek photography below.

Jett Kenny Ball Slip 1

Let’s take a closer look…

Jett Kenny Ball Slip 2

A scrotum frenzy may have been established but the “Dancing With The Stars” contestant does not seem to be bothered being photographed at all. Even when he’s got nothing on but that tiny speedo. He’s really got the “balls” for it.

Jett Kenny

We are wondering though how long can his tool be, given his height. Did you also want to see more than his tiny hanging sacs of testosterone factory? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below!

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