Brian Bonds Comes Out As HIV+ and Pretty Positive About It!

Brian Bonds Comes Out As HIV+ and Pretty Positive About It!

With the surge of calls for diversity in gay pornography jobs, many have expressed their thoughts on letting undetectable models get equal treatment when it comes to taking roles for a gay porn scene. With an idea that this could really help promote status equality in porn, model Brian Bonds comes out as HIV positive and still living his life positively.

Brian Bonds took to Twitter to reveal his status. He’s been living with HIV for 7 years now and also shared the wonderful news that he is undetectable. See the tweet below:

I’m coming up on 7 years of being HIV positive. Being undetectable is as simple as taking a pill a day, but lots of blood work. My fiancée is STILL meg after 2 years. Would you like to see more status equality in porn?

— Brian Bonds (@BrianBondsXXX) November 5, 2019

Along with the tweet is a poll which asks if it is necessary for status equality in porn. His tweet has gotten some love from fellow actors and models too:

Proud of you!! U=U

— Dolf Dietrich (is back!) (@DolfDietrich) November 5, 2019

U=U ❤️

— Nick Fitt (@NickFittXXX) November 6, 2019

Yassss. This August was my 30th poz birthday. PS to the 9%, undetectable guys can’t transmit HIV. It’s IMPOSSIBLE. We are actually the safest partners. #fact

— Jack Mackenroth (@jackmackenroth) November 6, 2019

It’s good to know that adult actors like Brian Bonds are urging production outfits to contribute to a less-discriminatory employment environment for HIV positive models. Breaking the stigma and educating people are very important not just in the adult industry but also in general.

But what can you say about Brian Bond‘s stance on this matter? Tell us what you think in the comments section below!

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