ChaosMen: Adrian Rose and Christian Ryder – Edge

ChaosMen: Adrian Rose and Christian Ryder - Edge

Christian Ryder is in his chair as Adrian Rose enters the room. Adrian asks Christian if he’s ready before securing Christians wrists to the back of the seat. Adrian places a blindfold over Christian’s eyes, then works his way down Christian’s body, stopping to flick his tongue across Christian’s pierced nipples.

Adrian teases Christian’s cock through his white briefs, groping and massaging as Christian moans with delight.

ChaosMen: Adrian Rose and Christian Ryder - Edge

Adrian removes Christian’s briefs and gets to work sucking Christian’s dick. Christian’s mouth falls open as Adrian takes all of Christian’s cock down his throat.

Adrian works Christian closer and closer to the edge before standing and releasing his own cock, slapping it against Christian’s chest. Christian instinctively leans over, licking and teasing Adrian’s cock head before Adrian places a hand on the back of Christian’s head, pulling him down further onto his hard dick.

Adrian alternates between expertly throating and stroking Christian’s cock to the edge, then standing to let Christian sample more of his cock.

Adrian releases Christian from the chair, then leans against the wall as Christian gets to work throating Adrian’s furry cock. It’s not long before Adrian is shooting ropes of cum all over Christian’s face and tongue. Christian slurps up every last drop before rising for a kiss.

See more of these two and their video at ChaosMen.

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