ChaosMen: Baldwin

ChaosMen: Baldwin

ChaosMen: 19-year-old Baldwin is a body builder, but is more into power-lifting than physique display. At 5’6″ he is apparently at an advantage for lifting massive weight.

He is young and still working out his sexuality, but he has settled on Bi since his interests seem evenly interested in both sexes.

ChaosMen: Baldwin

He tends to like to jerk-off on his knees so he starts in that position. It made it easy for him to turn around and show us his amazing muscled bubble butt!

Baldwin likes to bottom when with a guy, though he hasn’t figured out how to cum while being fucked.

He is a super shooter, with cum flying over his head, but mostly he ended up giving himself a facial!

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[This scene is available December 30th]

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