ChaosMen: Brian Bonds and Lawson James – Edge

ChaosMen: Brian Bonds and Lawson James - Edge

Brian Bonds is seated, legs spread, as Lawson James enters the room.

Lawson leans in for a kiss and rubs his hands across Brian’s arms. As Brian reaches up to caress Lawson, Lawson grabs Brian’s arm and pushes it back down, showing Brian who’s boss.

Lawson secures Brian’s arms, then wraps a bandana around Brian’s eyes. Lawson continues to explore Brian’s body with his hands.

ChaosMen: Brian Bonds and Lawson James - Edge

Lawson reaches down and begins to tease Brian’s cock through his black jock. Lawson pulls Brian’s fat cock out into the open. He places a tight grip around Brian’s balls and waggles his rock-hard dick.

Lawson brings Brian to the edge several times, always stopping just before he cums, then playfully slapping his balls. Brian loves a little ball-play.

Lawson uses a combination of his hand and his mouth to bring Brian to climax. Brian shoots the first rope of cum into Lawson’s mouth before Lawson lets the rest dribble down Brian’s shaft.

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