ChaosMen: Cesar Rossi and Helloojose Flip Fuck

ChaosMen: Cesar Rossi and Helloojose Flip Fuck

Cesar Rossi and Helloojose make out on the bed as they playfully explore each other’s bodies. Cesar is anxious to get started and is pawing at Helloojose’s shorts in no time.

Helloojose strips away his bottoms and Cesar leans forward, engulfing Helloojose’s cock in his mouth as Helloojose reach back to play with Cesar’s ass.

ChaosMen: Cesar Rossi and Helloojose Flip Fuck

Cesar lays back on the bed and Helloojose returns the favor, taking Cesar’s dick balls-deep as Cesar reaches over to stroke Helloojose’s cock.

The two continue swapping BJs before Cesar decides it’s time to sit on Helloojose’s uncut cock. It’s not long before Cesar is bouncing on that dick as Helloojose slaps Cesar’s ass.

Cesar climbs off and Helloojose gets on all-fours as Cesar helps himself to Helloojose’s ass. Cesar slides his dick into Helloojose’s hole, then puts his hands on Helloojose’s hips for leverage.

Cesar fucks Helloojose relentlessly, alternating his grip between Helloojose’s hips and shoulders.

The two swap places again and Helloojose plunges deep into Cesar’s ass once more. As Helloojose pounds Cesar’s hole, Cesar sprays an impressive load all over himself. Helloojose pulls out and adds his cum to the mix before leaning in for a kiss.

See more of the two and the video at ChaosMen.

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