ChaosMen: Clinton

ChaosMen: Clinton

Clinton is a bi guy. As soon as he started stripping for the photoshoot, his cock quickly started to rise.

Bryan asked him if he thought he was an exhibitionist. Clinton said that could be, but that when ever he felt anxiety, he would get hard. Making it quite embarrassing during gym class showers.

He has a nice uncut cock, and really knows how to work it.

ChaosMen: Clinton

Clinton likes all types of guys, but puts himself in the Top category, though he has been fucked before.

He seems to be into film and video production, which really helped filming his photos and solos. He is great at making eye-contact with us, the audience, and he clearly likes showing off his big uncut meat.

His load is also terrific, with a big thick white blast that coats his stomach and chest!

See all of him on video over at ChaosMen.

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