ChaosMen: Greg Riley and Quinn Quire – Edge

ChaosMen: Greg Riley and Quinn Quire - Edge

Greg Riley sits on his chair, his cock peeking out through the top of his jock. Quinn Quire enters the room and quickly takes charge, tying a blindfold around Greg’s eyes and securing his hands behind him.

Greg likes it rough, and Quinn isn’t afraid to push his limits as he playfully slaps Greg’s muscled chest.

ChaosMen: Greg Riley and Quinn Quire - Edge

Quinn works his way down, licking, sucking and biting Greg’s nipples. Quinn reaches down and taps Greg’s balls just hard enough to show him who’s boss.

Quinn pulls Greg’s jockstrap to the side, exposing his long, hard cock. Quinn takes it deep into his mouth, trying desperately to throat it all the way down to Greg’s balls.

Each time Greg approaches climax, Quinn brings him right to the edge, then stops abruptly, sometimes giving Greg a playful slap of the nuts and reminding him that he can’t cum yet.

Quinn brings Greg to the edge several times before giving him the green light to shoot his load. Greg busts a thick nut that runs down Quinn’s hands. Quinn reaches up and feeds Greg some of his own cum before the two share a kiss.

See more of the action and the video over at ChaosMen.

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