ChaosMen: Helloojose and Marco Lorenzo – Edge

ChaosMen: Helloojose and Marco Lorenzo - Edge

At ChaosMen, Marco Lorenzo sits comfortably in his chair as Helloojose enters the room. Helloojose secures Marco’s wrists and adds a blindfold and headphones, then quickly gets started on the task at hand.

Helloojose explores Marco’s shirtless body, kissing Marco’s nipples and rubbing his chest and his cock through his briefs.

ChaosMen: Helloojose and Marco Lorenzo - Edge

Marco quickly gets hard in his briefs, so Helloojose lets Marco’s cock peek out the side of his briefs as Marco lightly kisses and sucks Marco’s cock head.

Helloojose gives Marco an expert cocksucking, alternating his technique and stopping occasionally to let Marco come down a bit while he explores Marco’s legs, feet, and balls. Helloojose brings Marco to the edge several times, then backs him down. As Marco gets closer to climax, Helloojose speeds up his stroke until Marco blasts his load, firing ropes between Helloojose’s lips, which Helloojose happily laps up.

Helloojose shares a sample with Marco as he cleans off Marco’s cock, then rises to remove Marco’s blindfold and headphones. Marco’s cock continues to dance as the camera fades away.

See more of these two and the video at ChaosMen.

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