ChaosMen: Jay Tee and Marco Napoli – Serviced

ChaosMen: Jay Tee and Marco Napoli - Serviced

Jay Tee relaxes on the Edge chair before Marco Napoli walks in with a blindfold. As Marco ties the blindfold around Jay Tee’s head, Jay Tee asks what Napoli is going to do to him … he knows he’s in for it.

Marco turns the chair around and ties Jay Tee’s hands behind his back, then stands up and gives Jay Tee a gentle chest massage, paying close attention to Jay Tee’s nipples.

Marco works his way down to Jay Tee’s package, stroking and massaging it through Jay Tee’s striped briefs. As Jay Tee moans, Marco slides his hands inside Jay Tee’s underwear and strokes Jay Tee’s cock until it’s fully erect.

ChaosMen: Jay Tee and Marco Napoli - Serviced

Marco gives Jay Tee an expert-level throating, stopping occasionally to back down Jay Tee from the edge. As Jay Tee approaches climax again, Marco stops and grips Jay Tee’s dick tightly, holding back Jay Tee’s load as he stands and plays with Jay Tee’s nipples.

Marco works Jay Tee up to the edge again, this time encouraging Jay Tee to cum. Marco aggressively strokes out Jay Tee’s load as Jay Tee sprays his cum all over the chair and the floor. Marco gently some of Jay Tee’s nut along Jay Tee’s cock as the camera pans away.

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