ChaosMen: Jerome and Nigel – Serviced

ChaosMen: Jerome and Nigel - Serviced

Nigel was all set to suck some cock, and Jerome was the lucky recipient. Nigel was nervous, but Jerome kept kissing him which simultaneously relaxed and turned him on.

The guys started with both guys facing each other, working their cocks. Jerome pulled his hard cock out first, and Nigel dropped to his knees to suck his cock.

ChaosMen: Jerome and Nigel - Serviced

Nigel hungrily sucks on Jerome and he definitely has excellent oral skills. Jerome returns the favor, working Nigel’s cock until he is fully hard.

They move on to the bed and start to suck each other. Jerome began to finger Nigel’s hole which made him suck harder on Jerome’s cock. Jerome clearly found Nigel’s On switch.

Jerome then fucks Nigel’s face, and the two race to cum. Balls in his face, Nigel jerks his own cock while Jerome fingers his hole.

Nigel cums quickly with the anal stimulation. Jerome jerks his cock rapidly and gives Nigel a nice sticky facial!

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