ChaosMen: Kurtwood

ChaosMen: Kurtwood

ChaosMen’s newest guy Kurtwood is definitely a shy one. He is trying to push himself to do more things outside of the box. You can definitely tell he is a quiet and reserved dude.

ChaosMen: Kurtwood

On the other hand, Kurtwood is curious about guys. He has done cam work and has a dildo that he has used. For the shows, he mentioned sucking on the dildo and using it on is ass, and liking it a lot.

He has had his dick sucked by a guy before, but hasn’t reciprocated back at all.

For today though, the guys break him into stroking without the comfort of his own home. He is pretty quiet during his solo, but his cum shot is impressive!

See more of him over at ChaosMen.

[This scene is available January 20th]

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