ChaosMen: Vince O’Reilly

ChaosMen: Vince O'Reilly

We find Vince/Vincent O’Reilly reclining on the bed in a pink jockstrap. Vince has a very endearing face and a wonderful smile.

Vince gives a candid interview in which he reveals that he’s versatile, and the dirtiest thing he’d like to do is “fuck on the dance floor.”

Vince pulls off his jockstrap and gets to stroking his surprisingly-fat cock with one hand as he rubs his abs and chest, stopping to play with his nipples.

ChaosMen: Vince O'Reilly

He likes to use both hands to work his dick, and there’s plenty of length to facilitate that. We can clearly hear the “thud” as he slaps his meat against the palm of his hand.

Vince flips around to showcase his ass for the camera. He fingers his hole and jiggles his asscheeks for you, putting his greatest ASSsets on display, using his dick as a kickstand.

Vince turns back around and reclines against the wall with a pillow. It takes him a while to work up a load, but the expressions on his face and the distance he achieves makes it all worth while.

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