Corbin Fisher: Adriano Fucks Jared (3) – “Adriano Pumps Jared”

Corbin Fisher: Adriano Fucks Jared (3)

The guys at CorbinFisher are all really having a blast with Adriano around. Who doesn’t like a handsome, sexy, Italian stud packing a big, thick dick that he clearly knows how to use?!

Adriano rocked Roman’s world in his first guy/guy action. Jared hardly needed more reasons to be turned on by Adriano – word clearly had gotten to him about Adriano’s skills in the bedroom – he was desperate for a piece of him.

Corbin Fisher: Adriano Fucks Jared (3)

When Jared finds out Adriano can eat ass just as well as he pounds it, that seals the deal – Jared is Adriano’s newest, biggest fan!

Jared moans about how Adriano’s big, thick dick drilling his hole is going to send him over the edge. When Jared does cum, it’s a huge load that seems like it’s just never going to stop spurting out. That sends Adriano over the edge and makes him fire off a load too!

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