Corbin Fisher: Chris Fucks Jared

Corbin Fisher: Chris Fucks Jared

Chris is settling in to things at CorbinFisher. This young, hot-bodied, athletic stud is all the guys could want in a CF stud – handsome, horny, eager to explore, and clearly a bit of an exhibitionist.

With Chris, it was more about providing the opportunity than it was about doing any convincing to try new things. Jared was more than happy to provide that opportunity! You could tell Jared was excited – giddy, even – at the chance to get in to some action with Chris.

Corbin Fisher: Chris Fucks Jared

Chris surprises Jared with how much he dives in to eating ass. Often enough, despite all a guy is willing to try and do, eating ass is something many just can’t consider trying; if a new guy will draw a line somewhere, that’s often where they do it.

That’s not the case with Chris, though! He dives in to Jared’s hole with his tongue, drives both guys wild as he eats out Jared’s ass, and gets himself and Jared ready for the heavy, hard, deep pounding that follows!

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