Corbin Fisher: Rocky Fucks Kyler

Corbin Fisher: Rocky Fucks Kyler

The guys are happy they have Rocky back at CorbinFisher, and are getting him in to some hot action with the new stable of guys. Rocky might be new to most of the current guys, but he’s certainly not new to us – we haven’t forgotten that hot body, that countryboy charm, and that big uncut cock of his!

Of course, as you know by now, Rocky’s not entirely new to Kyler either! Kyler got to tagteam Rocky with Roman in the special Halloween episode.

Corbin Fisher: Rocky Fucks Kyler

As hot as that episode was, it made the guys want to see Rocky and Kyler together again. More importantly, it really made them want to see Rocky use that big dick on Kyler!

Kyler caught a glimpse and taste of Rocky’s cock and couldn’t help but think to himself he wanted it in his hole – Kyler’s been looking forward to this one as well. That’s evident in the noises Kyler makes and the expressions on his face as Rocky starts to drill him, Rocky’s big dick driving in and out of Kyler’s hole.

It’s evident by how hard Kyler’s own cock is while he bounces up and down on Rocky’s, and the load he fires off while Rocky’s dick is pistoning in and out of his ass. It’s not just Kyler’s load that’s huge here, though – Rocky’s is monumental.

See more of Rocky and Kyler at CorbinFisher.

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