Dating Apps That You Can Ditch Grindr For (If You’re Looking For Romance)

Dating Apps That You Can Ditch Grindr For (If You're Looking For Romance)

Online dating has been lucrative for its creators since this booming business meets convenience when it comes to connecting with other people. It’s like buying something from Amazon. Look for the one that you like, talk, and connect. Though these apps may incur emotional implications for the users, it can still be fun for others to use the app as a way to enjoy social networking.

With all the gay dating apps in the app store, it’s still evident that Grindr has such a reputation when it comes to negative body image reflection. And a big “yaaaaaassss” that Grindr is still primarily for hooking up, perhaps, it could have been better if they change the way gay men perceive how their app really works given their popularity. With over 3 million daily active users, They must have a lot of fans. Though we see the initiative they’re trying to put out there (say with the Kindr campaign), it seems like it is still inadequate. The app might have sparked a cultural revolution, but it’s not all for the good.

It’s February and if you are someone who is not emotionally vulnerable, you may be looking for someone to hookup with this Valentines Day. Grindr may be the perfect time for you and your fingers to get busy with instead of using those fingers by yourself. But for some who are tired of “masc4masc“, “NoChubs“, “No Asians“, “No Blacks” and other derogatory attitudes, stay away from apps that might affect your mental health badly. These are some alternatives that might help you find true love and beauty that is skin deep.


As most of us already know, Tinder has been inclusive for everyone. Though they may be minor glitches that may appear (women’s account appearing occasionally even though you set your bio as someone who is exclusively looking for men), it does not really affect the experience. With 500 character-limit on your bio, Grindr has no match with its 250 limit characters that is teasing you to basically put there that you want to fuck. Tinder’s bio can help you express yourself more and tell the whole world that you are more than that tanned headless torso lurking over dating apps to find your potential prey. It’s humanizing in a certain way.


Pros: People seem to like the “Spotify” feature where it gives you a hint what the person mostly listens to. Music you can definitely ask Alexa to play when your date comes to your place. Giving you the option to add your job and school makes it look like it “linked-in” for people who like to link up.

Cons: The UI is kinda difficult to navigate especially on the “Messages” tab. It’s one of the reasons why you tend to get a pile of unnoticed matches that are difficult to look for right after you matched with so many other people afterward. You may have lost your Prince Charming along the way without even noticing it just because they thought you already ignored them.


Yet another app that is popular among heterosexuals, especially women but hear me out. So it works with the same algorithm as Tinder does. If you are interested in men, they’ll show you profiles of men who also like men. Though women might also appear occasionally, it’s not big of a deal. It’s basically Tinder but with yellow UI. But what makes it different from Tinder is it’s going to force you to interact with your match and not leave them on you “matches collections”. If you matched with someone, the app is going to give you 24 hours to “Make The First Move” so the fire starts as soon as possible. That’s a smart way to persuade you to connect with people to find love online. You might hesitate but you only have a day to feel that or else, you have to pay to reconnect with that person.

Pros: Unlike Tinder, I think it’s genius that the Bumble actually allows you to put your Instagram photos without having to expose your Instagram account by not showing your username. This helps you to stay social but stay private at the same time. It also warns you when you try to send a generic “Hi!” to your match that you’d most likely get a response if you make it more personalized.


Cons: So when it comes to that “warning” about sending generic messages, if you cannot think of an ice breaker, they have a set of questions they can suggest you to ask your match to break the silence. However, most of their suggested questions are really not that good to open a conversation. I won’t open a conversation by asking my match about his “favorite Disney movie” or if he “agrees with pineapple on pizza“. That’s just a bit funny.


Though I can say that Bumble is a very safe haven for gay men, the creators still think that they are not good “giving the gays what they want” enough. That is why they created Chappy. The app actually states that they believe that “Beauty is found by how you treat others.” which actually promotes respect to others and definitely discourages people to conform to certain stereotypes and more. It’s may be cliche but for an app that is just starting, I think it’s an integral part for establishing a reputation and starting a movement to further break barriers and discrimination.

Pros: So it’s also about swiping. The catch is the app gives you an option whichever you are into. You can be looking for the man of your life or a one night stand so it gives you a choice to either swipe for a “Mr. Right” or “Mr. Right Now“. In this way, it can prevent people from leading other people on. If you are into a crazy weekend of sex only, then that’s what the other person would expect from you, nothing more. That’s a good way to clear the ambiguity of someone’s intention to set expectations of others.


Cons: Since the app is just in its growing phase, it is not still available in some parts of the world.

At the end of the day, it all boils down to how people are going to be attracted to you. Being yourself is the best way possible to get those guys to sincerely like you without reservations. But have you tried some of these apps? What worked for you when it comes to online dating? Tell us and they might help someone find true love right before the 14th of February! Sound off your comments below!

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