Digital Distortion: A Portal To All Of Your Homoerotic Pop Culture Fantasies

Erotic fanfictions are pretty much the last thing you can resort to especially when you have a passion for your favorite movie or TV characters but can’t seem to find any potential for their creators to make an NSFW iterations of them. But not every one of us can be contented with reading all these sensual passages. Some of us prefer to have those erotic narratives come with sexualized visuals of our best-loved superheroes. That is what Digital Distortion is here for.


Digital Distortion is more than fake nudes and made-up sex stuff. It is art meets erotica. With over 3,000 followers on Instagram, their growing social media presence is one to be watched for before it totally blows up. You have to look at and consider how amazingly good the quality of the content they put in their work. It’s custom-made fantasy just for your thirsty eyes.


Purposely obscure, sexy, bizarre and ironic, Digital Distortion merges art and pop culture.
I like to explore the sensuality and sexuality in a provocative way, in comical and banal situations of life.

That’s a bio on their Patreon account and it seems like it is also a promise that they continue to fulfill for all their patrons. And in fact, them putting up a Patreon account means that they are here to satisfy your cravings for homoerotic art of your choice.


There is an option where you can access polls to vote on upcoming images since they love seeing which subjects, characters, and themes you think they should work on. Or you can even make your own fantasies materialized visually and request a customized digital art perfectly tailor-fitted for your personal desires.


You are never going to lose hope that you can still see all your favorite male celebs, characters, superheroes, etc in wild homoerotic visuals. Digital Distortion is here to definitely end the agony of creating your own images in your mind because they are going to make those mental illustrations come to life.

You can follow Digital Distortion’s Instagram page to see samples of their amazing crafts!


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