DIRTY TWEETS OF THE WEEK Featuring Vincent O’Reilly, Nicholas Ryder, Paul Cassidy, and More!


Do not lose your fight against cabin fever. Beat is with these guys’ entertaining and naughty posts only here on “Dirty Tweets of the Week”!

Have faith on Nicholas Ryder. He can really take that pipe.


— nicholas ryder (@nicholasryder69) April 18, 2020

Do you “wank” some more?

?Just Warming?Up?50% OFF + anybody who’s signs up and DM’s me #hammer over the next 24 hours will receive this solo video for free on #onlyfans @HotMaleStuds @new_gaywanking @GentleGiantGER @QueerMeNow @guimataveli @joto_ddiamantes
@hot_cal pic.twitter.com/m8zwq74JrZ

— Tyson (@theonlytpaige) April 14, 2020

Who is better with booty shaking? Vincent or Travis? Let us know in the comments below!


— travis irons (@travis_ironsx) April 16, 2020

Who isn’t needy at this time?

“A little bit needy” … that’s exactly what my pussy is ? pic.twitter.com/VheFbngMBz

— SeanBoyUk (@SeanBoy_Uk) April 14, 2020

João Miguel did not really show anything on this pic but the sex appeal is ?!

Good morning Sunday?? pic.twitter.com/pcFPK7DWk0

— João Miguel Offical (@JoaoOffical) April 12, 2020

Let’s make you crave now for some sausages?

Morning tease ? pic.twitter.com/1MMC84GWdb

— Viggo Sorensen (@SorensenViggo) April 17, 2020

Here’s Dolf Dietrich flexing his muscles through a bittersweet news.

Tomorrow I’m moving from Chicago to Palm Springs and ending my 4 year marriage. I have a mixture of sadness and excitement today. But, Mostly … I feel a sense of certainty. Like I’m destined to be there right now at this time in my life. pic.twitter.com/MFa75hezXS

— Dolf Dietrich handsome big-dicked Daddy (@DolfDietrich) April 14, 2020

That tan is heavenly, isn’t it?

Mmmmmh la branle en forestière ?!?! Ça sera pas ici mais sur mon only pour mes cheris comme d’habitude un petit extrait pour donner l’eau à la bouche bande de cochon???https://t.co/LaWkuEQN4W PETITE PROMOTION ACTIIVE????? pic.twitter.com/ftQl53pNkU

— Bambambinup (@xxxjasonbieber) April 17, 2020

Paul Cassidy and Viggo Sorensen are going to let your eyes do some working out today.

Gyms closed worldwide.
Meanwhile me & @SorensenViggo pic.twitter.com/IwlfRYWwPm

— Paul Cassidy (@PaulCassidyReal) April 15, 2020

Which tweet did entertain you the most for this week? Tell us in the comments section below!

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