Hard Brit Lads: Luke Adams Fucks Ross Drake

Hard Brit Lads: Luke Adams and Ross Drake

Luke Adams works up a sweat with ripped young footballer Ross Drake in this incredible video. The lads ease into it with mutual bulge groping and nipple sucking, both showing off their ripped, smooth bodies as they both get rock solid bulges in their white undies.

Ross slurps deep on Luke’s throbbing uncut dick, getting his face fucked. Luke gives Ross a good sensual sucking, then stands to get sucked again. Ross is on his back, holding his legs apart as Luke fingers him whilst sucking him, then gives him a good rimming.

Hard Brit Lads: Luke Adams and Ross Drake

Eager to fuck, Ross rides it for a bit, then Luke rams it up, gripping his butt cheeks to fuck him hard and fast. Ross leans against the sofa and Luke slides his stiff meat back inside, thrusting slow at first, then building up to a major arse pounding.

On his back now Ross gets a final fucking, working himself up till he cums on his sweaty six pack, followed by Luke pumping out a ton of thick hot spunk over his abs … Unmissable!

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