LOOK: Pierce Paris Asked Fans To Recreate His Latest Stunt!

LOOK: Pierce Paris Asked Fans To Recreate His Latest Stunt!

The king of doing naked internet challenges is at it again!

We’ll never forget the #RunningButtHoleChallenge by @PepoWoodz that went viral exactly a year ago. It prompted Pierce Paris to do his own take on it and popularize it among his colleagues in the gay porn circle. (See who dared to try the intricate trick here).

It Starts Here! Porn Industry Running Butthole Challenge! Retweet and Tag what Performer you wanna see do it next! pic.twitter.com/B9GpDn5od3

— Pierce Paris – BLM (@PierceParisXXX) June 10, 2019

Looks like Pierce Paris is celebrating its anniversary with another internet challenge that involves some naked butts.

The porn star who is known for his hilarious stunts once again, tries to push people’s boundaries with yet another internet challenge he’s started. It’s the “Naked Bathroom Spider-Man Challenge”. Look:

Performers- Fans- can you re create this?

Naked Bathroom Spider-Man Challenge pic.twitter.com/jfxub9dyIC

— Pierce Paris – BLM (@PierceParisXXX) June 9, 2020

And of course, it’s not a Pierce Paris trademark challenge if it doesn’t expose his dick or butt. And how did his fellow performers/fans do? Check some of them out here!

Challenge accepted
Spidermanning in the @transvoyeur bathroom pic.twitter.com/6DxOFdp4Ma

— Sergeant Miles INC. (@sergeant_porn) June 9, 2020

I know I wasn’t challenged, but I just had to show off a bit. pic.twitter.com/WThDzCyJG9

— Rick Stronghold (@RickStronghold) June 9, 2020

I hate you. pic.twitter.com/Ph0EyRaYrE

— Tripp Hazard_BLM (@HazardTripp) June 9, 2020

ok i think this is it. two versions lol but can i be venom?? pic.twitter.com/Bf6JDaddU9

— Peaches Kelly (@Only_Peaches) June 9, 2020

Lololol pic.twitter.com/IVOCW3lBLm

— ThatYogaFvcker ✊✊ (@Thatyogafvcker) June 9, 2020

He may never run out of crazy ideas to challenge his followers but it’s good that he’s trying to keep his fans entertained during these trying times.

Who do you think should take their thighs and balance to the test? Tell us in the comments below!

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