Queer Clicks: August 12 | The Rowdy, Randy Days of New York Past, ‘Red Hot C**ks’ Return for a Sizzling 2020 Calendar, & Other Clicks

The Rowdy, Randy Days of New York Past

Sex, booze and Irish jigs. That may not have the punch of sex, drugs and rock ‘n’ roll, but the urges were the same.

It didn’t matter what parents, politicians or police said. This generation wanted pleasure, and it wanted it now. Except now was the 19th century. NY Daily News

30 Tweets About Gays and Iced Coffee That are Absolutely 100% Accurate

Just like Halloween and walking fast, it is a long and well-established fact that iced coffee belongs to the gays. We don’t know why. It just does. It’s the homosexual cousin at the beverage table. Queerty

‘Drag Race Thailand’ Season Two Debuts This Month!

Drag Race Thailand, the first international spinoff of RuPaul’s Drag Race, is coming to WOW Presents Plus later this month for their second season. Instinct Magazine

‘Red Hot C**ks’ Return for a Sizzling 2020 Calendar

The Red Hot boys are back for another year of frontals with the finest redheads they can find, and this time they’re opting for an 80s Playgirl theme; glossy sets and big bushes! The calendar – which raises funds for testicular cancer – is already soaring toward its goal of £15,000; with just three grand left to raise! Cocktails and Cock Talk

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