Queer Clicks: February 13 | Are We at the Dick Pic Tipping Point?, ‘Love Island’s Jack Fowler’s Towel Won’t Hide his Bulge, & Other News

“A year ago, the world faced the possibility of seeing President Donald Trump’s penis — adult film star Stormy Daniels was threatening to release the first presidential “dick pic” and other sexts sent to her by the president.

While the world reeled with anxiety at this possibility, out sex advice guru Dan Savage wrote that even if our first presidential nude was not Trump’s, seeing a president’s dick pic in the near future was inevitable.” Advocate

‘Love Island’s Jack Fowler’s Towel Won’t Hide his Bulge

“Let’s keep it real, last year’s Love Island was mediocre at best compared to its predecessor. Not to mention tame AF: although unless there’s another leak at ITV we probably won’t get shower shots as we did with Chris Hughes.” Cocktails and Cock Talk

These 13 ‘Real Life’ Disney Guys Are a Whole New World of Hunkiness

“Finnish artist Jirka Väätäinen has officially made Disney’s princes come to life, and they are hotter than you’ve ever seen them. Väätäinen had already become an internet sensation when he released a “real life” gallery of Disney princesses, but after that he turned his attention to their male counterparts. Get ready to swoon over these hunky Disney guys.”

Red Hot Underwear

“Red Hot the young, dynamic startup famous for “rebranding the ginger male stereotype” is launching underwear and has its eyes set on the metrosexual man who wants to stand out from the crowd.” DNA Magazine

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