Queer Clicks: February 20 | Randy for Gandy: Hunky Model David’s Most ‘Zaddy’ Moments, Taron Egerton Belts Out ‘Tiny Dancer’ in Elton John Biopic ‘Rocketman’ Featurette, & Other News

Randy for Gandy: Hunky Model David’s Most ‘Zaddy’ Moments

“David Gandy is the Godfather of male models. You know, if you actually wanted to get touched up by yours.

They say men age like fine wine, but we’ve yet to find a 39-year-old bottle of sauvignon blanc that we want to put our dick in. In fact, David Gandy is one of those celebrities, that when doing this kind of round-up, we actually struggled to stop picking images.” Cocktails and Cock Talk

Taron Egerton Belts Out ‘Tiny Dancer’ in Elton John Biopic ‘Rocketman’ Featurette

“Taron Egerton’s impressive vocal chops are the subject of a new featurette from the upcoming Elton John biopic Rocketman which focuses on Egerton tackling the rock legend’s classics.” Towleroad

The Wild West Was Actually Much Gayer Than You Think

“When most people think of the Wild West era of 1865 to 1895, they imagine ultra-masculine cowboys who drank whiskey, roped steers, shot revolvers and frequented brothels. Just look at HBO’s Westworld — it’s filled with blood-thirsty bandits but nary a gay cowboy. But no matter your preconceptions, queer historian Michael Lyons says the 19th century American frontier was much gayer than most people think.” Hornet

Chanel Visionary and Fashion Trailblazer Karl Lagerfeld Dies at 85

“Legendary Chanel fashion designer and creative director Karl Lagerfeld has died at age 85.

Lagerfeld, who helmed the luxury French fashion house from 1983 up until his death, was confirmed dead by spokespeople for Chanel Tuesday, February 19. Chanel reps did not reveal his cause of death.” New Now Next

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