Queer Clicks: February 22 | New Anti-LGBTQ Emoji Has Taken Social Media By Storm, Apex Legends Shows Overwatch How Easy It Is to Be Diverse, & Other News

If ‘Serenity’ Doesn’t Rock Your Boat, Matthew McConaughey’s Sex Scenes Will

“Serenity may look like your average alluring Hollywood thriller, with its obviously ominous overtones, but take a closer look and it feels more like 50 Shades of Jaws.

Matthew McConaughey plays brooding John who seemingly keeps to himself, fishing on this relatively small desert island – that’s until his past, in the form of Anne Hatheway’s raincoated silhouette, comes looking for him.” Cocktails and Cock Talk

New Anti-LGBTQ Emoji Has Taken Social Media By Storm

“You may have noticed in the past few days that homophobes and LGBTQ people alike are using a new emoji. The emoji shows a typical pride flag, but it then has a strikethrough symbol layered on top.” Instinct Magazine

Insta-Stud: Ryan Farber

“Ryan Farber is a model based in Los Angeles. He also runs a blog titled That Lazy Dude. Clearly, that doesn’t refer to the gym because his fitness game is on point. Just look at his chiseled Greek god-like body” Homorazzi

Apex Legends Shows Overwatch How Easy It Is to Be Diverse

“What Apex did was show how ridiculously simple it is to just do things better from the start instead of waiting until a game achieves sufficient popularity in the mainstream to “earn” a gay or black character. In a representational landscape where even the smallest steps feel like giant leaps, I’m more than happy to take what I can get, but Respawn’s nonchalant attitude toward diverse inclusion is a breath of fresh air in an otherwise frustratingly slow-to-change gaming space.” Paste Magazine

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