Split Identity: Kyler vs. Ashton Silvers (vs. Kayden)

Split Identity: Kyler vs. Ashton Silvers

In this new installment of Split Identity we shine our spotlight on Kyler/Ashton Silvers. Kyler is making the rounds at Corbin Fisher and wears some concealer over his distinguishing tattoo. After the jump we highlight the evolution of this up and CUMMING vers guy.

Split Identity: Kyler vs. Ashton Silvers

Kyler/Ashton Silvers is a bit of a method actor it would seem, or perhaps he just can’t decide on a singular hair style? He slides with ease from style to style, boy next door and almost(?) wholesome to rauchy, horny frat bro. He’s gone missionary, top to bottom and many positions in between!

He has worked on 34 scenes in under 2 years, so far! Although he’s vers, he definitely tends more to getting railed at CF, where he is definitely in his element!

A quick note on some criticism we get from time to time here as well: Some studios sign a model and they want to create a new identity to distinguish them from previous work – and let’s face the new reality that there is VERY little exclusivity to a specific studio anymore. Studios are about fantasy and creating an alternate erotic universe, Kyler at Corbin Fisher is definitely NOT Ashton/Kayden at Military Classified; two different markets, two different fantasies.

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