SpunkWorthy: Allan’s Second Massage

SpunkWorthy: Allan's Second Massage

Six months had gone by since Allan‘s last time on SpunkWorthy. It’s not uncommon for guys to suddenly come out of the woodwork around the holidays looking for some extra cash.

That seemed to be the case with Allan, but Jason thinks that wasn’t the only factor when he asked about coming back to shoot another massage scene. The give-away was what he asked after we’d agreed on a time to meet up.

“Think you could blow me on the massage table instead of a hand-job?”

SpunkWorthy: Allan's Second Massage

If you saw Allan’s BJ video, he really got into it. And after taking the leap last time, it appeared that he was yet another sold customer about how guys really know what they’re doing when it comes to sucking dick.

With three days of cum stored up, it wasn’t long after he lay on the table that Allan’s cock was standing at attention. When Jason wrapped his lips around it, his mouth fell open with an audible gasp.

As he got closer to unloading his wad, Allan reached down to grab the back of Jason’s head and thrusted his hips toward his mouth. Within seconds his breathing deepened and gasped that he was about to cum. Jason barely pulled off before the creamy load was pulsing from the tip of his cock.

See all of the action on video over at SpunkWorthy.

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