The QueerClick MOTY 2020

It’s time to announce the winners of our 2020 Man of the Year contest. You have voted and we tabulated the results and Archie won, he’s quite a fan favorite and he brings a certain enthusiasm and vigor to his scenes. He’s continued working on his body and it shows. Check out our interview with him later this weekend. In the interim check out his archive….that smile oh boy! 26 reasons why he’s the winner.

For our Only Fans 2020 Man of the Year Mr. Griffin Barrows wins! The votes early on put Rhyheim Shabazz in the lead and we were sure he was going to clinch the title, he’s had quite a year and he’s made one hell of compelling reason to watch his adventured. We’re HUGE fans of Griffin and his seemingly bottomless throat…gag reflex…no sir. NONE. He effortlessly swallows whatever cums his way. The facials are super hot too!

And Antonio Valentini handily wins our FLlirt4Free 2020 Man off the Year. His profile is full, and we mean full of photosets and totally amazeballs recorded sessions. Antonio’s body is amazing, his smile light up the room, and his dick, well his dick is best experienced live for its full impact.

Congratulations to ALL of the entries in this year’s contest, all of them were winners in our book! Here’s looking to this new year and whatever it might bring. We’re sure of one thing tho, it will be FULL of hot guys to fuel fantasies.

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